​Edward age 5, with his grandmother, She treasured this photo because of the curious light which appears behind her, lining up with his hand.

Edward Zula has been providing private psychic readings in Los Angeles for more than thirty years.  He has worked with a detective in the LAPD Missing Persons Bureau providing leads on several cases.  Since arriving in Eastern NC, he has given dozens of private readings, and helped a houseful of students understand and ‘neutralize’ some frightening energy in their new off-campus residence.


Paul Cezanne, "A Turn in The Road."  Sometimes we don't see the turns up ahead, sometimes the path is clear.


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Edward's maternal great grandmother of Bear Grass, N>C.  was also said to have been very gifted, something she passed on to many of her children, grandchildren, and great-grandchildren.




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In April of 2016, Edward closed his thriving Los Angeles healthcare practice and moved to Greenville, NC.  Although he enjoyed an outstanding reputation as a couple’s therapist, few if any of his colleagues knew of his other ‘work.’ 

As he explains it, he was blessed with a gift at birth which was recognized by his grandmother when he was just five years old.  At the age of seventeen, he had a bad skiing accident that changed his life and his abilities profoundly. “Have you ever hit a flashlight to make the light stronger? That’s exactly what happened….only it was my head.”  

One summer many years later he sat with his grandmother on her porch swing in Robersonville, enjoying a Dr. Pepper.  While she snapped peas, Edward shared some of the paranormal things he had experienced after the accident.

In that visit, she brought all the pieces together. As far back as she could remember, the family had been blessed with gifts of second sight and spirit communication. Edward heard stories going back to the Civil War, stories of things family members couldn’t have possibly seen or known, but did.  Edward’s grandmother made him promise that he would find a way to use his gift to help others. 

After years of sharing his gifts openly, Edward thought he had found the perfect outlet to honor his grandmother’s wish by becoming a therapist. He soon learned that he had entered a field that was strictly ‘by the book,’ focusing on diagnosis and treatment, and he had to block out the psychic ability. 

Nevertheless, he felt his grandmother’s hand in his work. After a few years, and without effort, he began attracting clients who were curious about the afterlife, and psychic experiences, and other paranormal phenomena. The direction of his work with clients took a dramatic shift, as he started to help many understand the phenomena they were experiencing. They were very grateful that he wasn’t referring them to a psychiatrist, but instead normalizing what he knew to be normal.

The opportunity arose for him to make a major life change to fulfill his promise to his grandmother.  He retired as a therapist, and moved to Eastern Carolina to the birthplace of his grandmother and his family roots.   “Life is sweet here, and the tea is sweeter.”  He is looking forward to using his gifts to help as many as he can to find clarity, closure, and comfort.

excerpted from ​The Sojourner Newsletter, Greenville NC