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I am dedicated to helping clients with questions about relationships, career, important life decisions, and, most frequently, help them to find comfort in their grief and loss. 

In the hour before our appointment, I will take some quiet time to meditate, and open myself up to receive any impressions or information which might be relevant to your visit, and validating for you. Writing them down in my notebook sometimes facilitates more information to flow. It's a process that's difficult to explain, because each time is different.  I've learned not to try to interpret the information I'm given; the clarification comes during our reading.

When you arrive, I will go over my notes, which might include names, professions, personal quirks, physical traits, health issues, or something you are seeking clarity about. This serves two purposes; it provides you reassurance, and it clears my head so I may focus on your concerns during the reading.  

If you have brought along photos, jewelry, clothing or any other sentimental items, I will use psychometry to read residual energy to pick up information about the issue or person(s) you are inquiring about.  Some things are better conductors of energy than others. Jewelry offers the best possible results. But articles of clothing, photographs, toys, and even school textbooks have been wonderful sources of residual energy. 

If there appears to be spirit coming through from the other side, I will share the impressions and messages I get to determine who we have with us, and why they are there.  I ask that you trust spirit energy; if there is someone who wants to come through, they will. And it is almost certain that whatever they have to share will be relevant, and something you need to hear.

Just for your clarification, I do not “see” spirits standing over anyone’s shoulder as a traditional medium might, but rather feel their presence, often hear them, and I get a sense of their physical appearance with my eyes closed. Occasionally, spirit will give us a message that you are to pass along to someone else.  Don't be surprised if that should happen.

Please keep in mind that spirit energy does not manifest upon demand. In other words, if you come to connect with your departed grandmother, it's not within my power or yours to get her to come through. But I find that prayer and even a little conversation with that person in the days before your reading can be helpful. Honestly, there have been many times when the spirit of a loved one has shown up before the person getting the reading!

During your reading, I may also use cards, a pendulum, meditation, prayer, and crystals. At any point you may ask questions, and I will do my best to answer them.  My goal is for you to leave feeling validated and comforted.